Used City Buses for Sale

used city buses

Used city buses are unique as they prioritise space, capacity and have at least 2 doors. Different brands have these buses, among them Mercedes Benz, Man, VDL and Scania. Customers have different preferences when looking for buses. The list below shows the bus brands, models and specific properties.

used city buses

Buses on Sale


Volvo 8700 B7RLE
Automatic transmission
Euro 5 emission class
Diesel engine
94 passenger

Volvo 8900 H
Automatic transmission
Diesel engine
Manufactured in 2013
Voith Gearbox
51 passengers

Volvo Mobile Covid-19 Test Lab
Manufactured in 2012
D5F215 diesel engine
Automatic transmission engine
82 passengers.

Volvo 7905 LH
Euro 6 emission class
Diesel engine with a 240HP
Manufactured in 2014
82 passengers


Euro 3 emission class.
Diesel-powered, automatic transmission engine.
112 passengers.
Made in 2005

Euro 4 emission class
Made in 2009
78 passengers
Automatic transmission
169 HP


Iveco Irisbus Citelis
2007 model
Diesel-powered, automatic engine
97 passengers
Euro 5 emission class.

Iveco Irisbus GX 127
Euro 5 emission class
Diesel engine with an automatic transmission
65 passengers in total
2007 model.


Man Lion city A21 CNG
2006 model
Automatic transmission diesel-powered engine.
42 passengers in total.
EEV emission class

These used city buses come in 2 more variants; the 2011/12 Meter and the 2005/AIRCO.

Man Lion City A78
EEV emission class
Diesel-powered, automatic transmission engine.
Made in 2007
94 passengers in total

Van Hool

Van Hool A330 – 2007 Model
Euro emission 4 class
Diesel engine
Automatic transmission
89 passengers.

Van Hool A330 – 2010 Model
Diesel hybrid engine
86 passengers in total
Euro emission 5 class


VDL Ambassador 200
Manufactured in 2010
Carries 83 passengers in total
Euro 5 emission class

VDL Citea LLE-120/225
Euro 5 emission class
84 passengers in total

VDL Ambassador SB200
Euro 3 emission class
Cummins Diesel engine
2005 model

Struggling to grasp the concept of IAS 1? We’ve got you covered!

Everyone who partakes in activities in economics will be familiar with the term IAS 1. Though you might have seen the term every now and then, for quite a few people it is a hard concept to grasp. Well, it’s your lucky day. In this article, you’ll find a simplified version of the concept of IAS 1 and its key elements so you won’t have to change topics with your colleagues next time the term IAS 1 arises in a conversation. This article also takes a look at the most recent amendments and when they will go into effect so you will be fully up to date.

What is IAS 1?

In short, IAS 1 sets out the general requirements for financial statements. This includes the minimum content requirements, how they should be structured, and overriding concepts such as the accrual basis of accounting and the (non-)current distinction and going concern. In September 2007, IAS 1 was reissued and is applicable to annual periods beginning on or after the 1st of January 2009. More recently in 2018, the initial issued version was amended by the Definition of Material which applied to both IAS 1 and IAS 8. These changes went into effect for annual periods on or after the 1st of January 2020. Later in January 2020, another amendment was made to the Classification of Liabilities as Current of Non-current. In that same year in July, the IASB deferred the effective date of Classification of Liabilities as Current or Non-current to January 2022. This new amendment will officially be effective from the 1st of January 2023. To comprise a statement of financial position, the standard requires a complete set of financial statements. These statements include a statement of profit and loss, a statement of changes, a statement of cash flows and other comprehensive income. A complete set of financial statements include statements of:

  • Financial position at the end of the period (Known as the balance sheet)
  • Changes in equity for the period
  • Cash flows for the period
  • Explanatory notes, comprising a summary of significant accounting policies
  • Comparative information prescribed by the standard

An entity must also present a statement of financial position at the beginning of the earliest comparative period if an accounting policy makes a retrospective restatement of items in its financial statements. This statement of financial position must also be included when an entity reclassifies items in its financial statements. Reports including financial reviews conducted by management, environmental reports or value-added statements that are presented outside of the financial statements are out of scope for IFRSs. All statements must be presented fairly. To ensure your documents are presented fairly you will need to have a faithful representation of the effects of transactions and conditions in accordance with the definitions and recognition criteria for liabilities, income and expenses and assets set out in the framework.

Ready to dive deeper?

If you want to get a deeper understanding of IAS 1 and its requirements, go to Here you will find all the detailed information you need for when you next need to gather your financial statements accordingly. If you have any questions about a subject within IAS 1, do not hesitate to virtually reach out to one of the friendly members of staff.

Why do companies not achieve their diversity and inclusion goals?

Inclusion and diversity

When a company posts a job offer, it is a goal to attract diverse candidates. There are a couple of reasons why some companies don’t attract diverse candidates. One of the reasons is biased job descriptions. That could be age or gender discrimination. Besides that, a lot of companies use language which is too complex. If you do this, you can scare away some candidates, even if they would be perfect for the role. The last reason is mismatching. Some companies don’t include a corporate image, so the candidate might think the company is not matching with his/her desires. Find out how you can improve diversity and inclusion in your company.

How to improve diversity and inclusion?

Most of the times companies already focus on avoiding gender bias in their job offers. So that’s already a start of attracting diverse candidates. But just avoiding gender bias is not enough to attract diverse candidates. How do you include other/more people? For instance, people with:

  • lower reading proficiency,
  • different age groups,
  • different nationalities,
  • different cultures,
  • disabilities, such as colorblindness.

How to approach diversity and inclusion?

But how do you approach diversity and inclusion? It will need a corporate-wide approach and a culture change. You wil need to execute the principles in all the steps of the hiring process. It’s not just the hiring process where you need to implement the principles, also in internal communication, corporate communication and reward systems. When you really start to attract diverse people in you company, the real change will only start.

Reach a group as large and diverse as possible

In order to attract diverse candidates, your target group should of course not be too limited. You want a lot of suitable people to respond on you job offer? Then you should reach a group as diverse and large as possible. While targeting a lot of people, you want your job post texts to be in accordance with the branding of you company. In that way you will always send the right message.

If you could use some help with improving diversity and inclusion at your company you could have a look at . This is a platform that will help you to write the best content for your company!

Divitel-Cloud TV Platform

Divitel is the 20 years old Cloud TV platform distributing video services across the globe. With the oldest video distributing experience, Divitel is also the Cloud TV operator. It is an ideal partner situated in the Netherlands remotely managing mainly from the headquarters;

  • Video Services
  •  TV Services for Cloud TV Operators
  • Telcos
  • Internet Service Providers and Broadcasters
  • Optimization and Operating the Services 

Divitel: Realtime Offers 

Divitel is the largest video distributor offering hundreds of solutions, including optimization and operating the entire TV system. Let’s dive into what Divitel actually helps in;

  • Troubleshooting
  • System Integration 
  • Operational Services and Solutions 

Divitel: Main Focus

Divitel is dealing with the solutions to optimize and operate services. It is connected to all the services that a customer is consuming for diverse knowledge to provide benefits. The point where this TV Cloud operator differs is the freedom to pick and choose from several technologies. The choice of technology entirely depends on the customer where he wants to connect without locking in. 

Why Divitel is Global Innovator?

Divitel has have been declared as Global Innovator among Economic Forum due to its incredible services throughout the globe.  Its different approach towards technology and targeting customers stands at the unique parameters of people, processes, and technologies. Let’s define all the parameters in detail.

  • People
  • Processes 
  • Technology 


The team behind Divitel as a TV Cloud Platform is fully skilled in domains of video expertise. It is providing the availability to augment during all other dynamic periods. Qualified IT Ops teams to become a motivated partner for easy operations in the Media and Entertainment industry.


Divitel has marked its image for its several different procedures.  It shows its mastery within proven standards like ITILv4 and ISO 20000. Moreover, It is very definite while operating and optimizing the services vis using procedures and its controllability. It shows compatibility completely with the needs of customers with diverse solutions.  While following process kind of technology comes, let’s see how Divitel creates innovation.


As far as technology is concerned, Divitel is highly independent, providing choices to the customers. Customers can choose any of the technology with which Cloud TV operator is working. Divitel comes with 360 degrees and the whole data-driven approach. Technology is introduced with and supervised ML, Explainable AI, blockchain, and deep learning.

Divitel Sharing Legacy 

Divitel is two decades old partner to many of the consumers. It keeps on sharing its legacy to maximize the investment of users. It goes through different optimizing and integrating steps like; 

  • Quality Troubleshoot
  • Migrations and Integrations
  • Quality Services Operations

Quality Troubleshoot

As far Cloud TV platform is concerned, Divitel devised many solutions to deal with macro blocking, buffering, replay TV problems. The solutions are;

  • Use of Case Support
  • Benchmarking
  • Quick Scan
  • Vendor Digital Communications
  • Maximization of types of equipment

Migration and Integration 

Divitel has attached its dynamics to the faster aid data intelligence. This is all for significant video delivery TCO. It measures success through holistic 360 degrees data and insights with clear KPIs to measure success with no unsuccessful deployment rate. It goes through,

  • Customer Care
  • Content Processing 
  • Content Acquisition
  • Back End and Front End
  • Content Delivery 
  • Client Devices

Quality Services Operations 

Cloud TV operators know how to deal with and recognize the situation. A few recognized points are;

  • High-quality video due to new OTT Media Giants
  • Firefighting Quality Problems

Impact of Divitel Across the Globe

Divitel is putting a mark on its diverse character in the world of technology. It has revolutionized video distribution through video delivery knowledge and applied state art of the industry for greater efficiency as an IPTV platform. Its efficiency comes across different areas like;

  • Social 
  • Workplace
  • Supply Chain
  • Environment 
  • Trust 
  • World/Regional

Final Word

Divitel is a complete Cloud TV platform for reaching out to faster video distributing services. It is helping a user in several ways with never-ending means. For more information, go to Divitel and get an entire exposure.

Things to Know When Buying A Used Marine Diesel Engines

used marine diesel engines

The used marine diesel engines have various uses in marine vessels. one can use them for generators, propulsion, or auxiliary purposes. These engines usually use a water coolant exhaust system. A wide variety of the engines are water-cooled turbos and exhausts manifolds too. Every engine boasts a unique setting depending on its previous use and the current condition. To assess the current condition, you will need to look at its working hours and the maintenance during the operating hours.

used marine diesel engines

How Will You Establish the Engine Is in Good Working Condition?

Normally, you will need to do a full test to check the condition of the engine. Our company stocks some of the engines used while some are part of the excess stock we buy. Thus, you will find some engines that may seem old, but only very little maintenance is required. Our company normally takes the customer through the testing process to ensure the working condition of the engine before selling it. Also, customers have an opportunity to view a variety of our stocks from our website. Thus, you have the opportunity to find an engine that will suit your needs; alternatively, we get another solution that will work for you. If what we have doesn’t work, we always find current ones that will work better for the client. Thus, an idle test will be the best way to assess the condition of the marine engines any time you want to buy one.

Setting up a Dutch company: tips & tricks

Do you want to start as an independent entrepreneur in the Netherlands and start a Dutch business? Then there is obviously a lot that you need to arrange before actually starting the company, which can be overwhelming at first. In order to help you with this, we’ll list some things that have to do when starting a Dutch company in an overview beneath so that it might become clearer.

The legal form of the company

Forst of all, you need to decide which legal form you want your business to be. In the Netherlands, you can choose for one of the following three legal forms when setting up a company: a private limited company, a general partnership or a sole proprietorship. Different tax regulations and liabilities apply to each form and every form has its own advantages and disadvantages, so it’s important to look into the specifics of each form and decide which form suits you and your company best.


Register the company with the Dutch Chamber of Commerce

When it is actually time to start your business, you need to register it with the chamber of commerce. When doing so, you not only need to know the legal form that you want for your business, but you also need to know the name of the business when registering it. Therefore, it is important to think of the name a while before you actually want to register the company. In that way, you can still change the name when you change your mind later on, without already being stuck with the name your registered with the Chamber of Commerce.

Decide where you want to set up the company

Another important thing to think about is the location of the company. You can choose to either search for a suitable location, or work from home. If it’s just you working at your company and you don’t need a special location or equipment, you could work from home. But when you need a special location or for example heavy equipment, you probably need to search for a suitable location. When doing this, it is good to keep in mind that you also need to check the zoning plan for the location and might have to apply for an environmental permit.

Do you want to know more about how to set up a business in the Netherlands? Then go to

Square chaise lounge

square chaise lounge

 When it comes to adding coziness and comfort to your décor, a square chaise lounge is what you should pick. These elegant lounges are perfect for your patio or poolside and give a luxury touch. You can comfortably stretch your legs while relaxing and enjoying the comfort of the cozy pillows.

 Do you want to unwind your afternoon in comfort or glam your house? Then this chaise lounge is what you should opt for. Besides, they come in many styles to suit your modern taste. We offer a range of options to choose from.

square chaise lounge


The loungers have adjustable swing frames with a chic colour. The unique designed square-tuft upholstery perfects the appeal. The cushion paddings are comfy, with foam fillings to give steady firmness.

Furthermore, the square chaise lounge is grounded to ensure they don’t collapse. They are the number one option for relaxation, napping or reading.

 Price of the product

 We exhibit an affordable collection. They have zero delivery fee and their products have a reasonable price to match the quality. You can always customize your covers with the color and fabric of your choice. Perhaps, don’t miss out on the amazing offers.

What is an insurance focus?

Insurance Focus, An insurance focus is an insurance focus. But what is insurance? Insurance comes in many shapes and sizes. Their main characteristic is risk spreading. Someone who insures himself against a certain risk hopes that if that risk occurs, an insurer will take it for him. Insurance is wise in many cases. Anyone who fails to insure their home against fire takes for granted that they will have to bear the damage alone if the home is damaged or lost at any time by fire. Anyone who fails to insure their legal liability runs the risk of having to pay for the damage of another, should it happen that he accidentally causes damage to another. Certainly if there is personal injury, it can involve large amounts. A party held liable for payment can go bankrupt if he has not insured his liability and is also sued for several days afterwards.

Is risk spreading?

In fact, the oldest form of insurance is the agreement of a number of people that they come to the aid of each other if an emergency occurs in one of them. This has led to the establishment of so-called mutual insurance companies with sufficient cash in hand to cover individual risks. Think of fire damage, death and accidents. The united East Indian company also had the character of an insurance company. When a ship returned from a trade mission the profit was very high, but when it was lost.

Icoon voor Geverifieerd door de community

Flying with Pasajes aereos

If you are looking for a plane ticket at the lowest price, it is useful to keep an eye on sites such as Pasajes aereos. These types of sites compare airline tickets from all over the world and find the cheapest for you. Sometimes it can be quite difficult to find the lowest price for an airline ticket. You have to take into account many factors that all influence the price of your flight ticket. A few of these factors are: the day you fly, the time of day and the coherence of your travel association. You can hardly keep an overview yourself if you have to take all these factors into account. Fortunately, there are sites like the one mentioned above that will help you with these comparisons.

Fly to Colombia

Via Pasajes aereos you can fly to Colombia for a low price. Colombia is worth a visit for some of the best coffee in the world. Colombia also has many beautiful cities where you can fly cheaply thanks to these cheap comparison sites. The cities you can fly to are: Medellín, Bogota and Cali. Thanks to these types of sites, you can save tens of euros that you can use on holiday again.

Manual Deburring Machine

Metal deburring machine

Manual metal deburring machines require less maintenance and can be operated by a single person. It increases productivity and lowers your cost. It safely deburrs both sides of the metal sheet simultaneously. It can be set up either horizontally or vertically and can be used for small and large sheet metal pieces. It provides a lovely metal finishing and clean-cut uniform round edges. The machine is designed for efficiency and comfort in the working environment. It has a special mat that has a high friction surface that is used to fix the parts during deburring and finishing the metal sheet.

Production process

Automatic Deburring Machine

The automated metal deburring machine makes work more accessible to the employees compared to the manual ones. The device provides a fast and efficient method of keeping up with a high production rate in minimal time. It is fitted with bar code scanners that make the machine set up easier. The code is designed to adjust to any metal thickness once it is scanned. The device has motorised return conveyors that make the work more efficient and reduces the operator’s movement of lifting the metal. Compared to manual deburring, automated machines have less noise, which can cause hearing problems. The air quality is excellent due to less aluminium dust that can cause lung disorders.