Electric vehicles for dummies

The automotive industry is changing, and we cannot just ignore it! Electric cars are selling like crazy and charging stations ...
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Online Surf School Booking System

A surfing school booking system is a system that allows potential clients to book surfing lessons online. It also enables ...
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used city buses

Used City Buses for Sale

Used city buses are unique as they prioritise space, capacity and have at least 2 doors. Different brands have these ...
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Struggling to grasp the concept of IAS 1? We’ve got you covered!

Everyone who partakes in activities in economics will be familiar with the term IAS 1. Though you might have seen ...
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Inclusion and diversity

Why do companies not achieve their diversity and inclusion goals?

When a company posts a job offer, it is a goal to attract diverse candidates. There are a couple of ...
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Divitel-Cloud TV Platform

Divitel is the 20 years old Cloud TV platform distributing video services across the globe. With the oldest video distributing ...
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used marine diesel engines

Things to Know When Buying A Used Marine Diesel Engines

The used marine diesel engines have various uses in marine vessels. one can use them for generators, propulsion, or auxiliary ...
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Setting up a Dutch company: tips & tricks

Do you want to start as an independent entrepreneur in the Netherlands and start a Dutch business? Then there is ...
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square chaise lounge

Square chaise lounge

 When it comes to adding coziness and comfort to your décor, a square chaise lounge is what you should pick ...
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Insurance Focus,

What is an insurance focus?

insurance-focus.net/ An insurance focus is an insurance focus. But what is insurance? Insurance comes in many shapes and sizes. Their ...
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