3 Ways to Make Dartboard Last Longer

Dartboards contain sisal fibre in them. It means that you should not get your dartboard exposed to the sun and rain, as it may damage the board. A high-quality dartboard is designed to withstand uncountable dart matches and will last for a long time. However, to avoid premature wear or reduced lifespan, you should take care of it properly. Here are the ways for basic care and maintenance of dartboards

Avoid Liquid for Cleaning

The natural bristle fibre in the dartboard is not supposed to get wet and you should keep the board dry. So, cleaning with water or any other liquid solution is avoidable for the bristle dartboards. Besides, when it comes to hanging the dartboard, you must avoid any damp area or humid spot. If you play dart outside, you should take the responsibility to safeguard it from the rain. 

Rotate the Board

Rotating or turning the board on a regular basis is also important when it comes to maintaining dartboard. It helps increase the usefulness of the dartboard and avoid quick wear and tear. If you have a bristle board, it includes a removable metal scoring ring. You can rotate the board by removing the ring and turn the board clockwise. Apart from saving the board from wear and tear, regular rotation keeps the bristles in proper shape and conserves the appearance of the board. 

Use Right Darts

The steel tip darts are designed to provide precision with a good grip and a lower rate of bounce outs. However, some of these may cause damage to the bristle fibres. Although you can hit the target with accuracy, using hooked darts, it may cause tears on the bristle fibre while removing from the board. If you use steel tip darts, you should avoid using darts with blunt tips. The reason is the holes disappear by the natural healing process of fibre and blunt tips can weaken the natural process. 

Moreover, you can use a dartboard cabinet to keep the board in good condition for a long time. However, you should avoid a heavy cabinet fixture.