Electric vehicles for dummies

The automotive industry is changing, and we cannot just ignore it! Electric cars are selling like crazy and charging stations have become part of today’s infrastructure. This shift towards electric mobility seems to go fast. So fast, that we can expect that within the next twenty year the majority of cars will be electric. Do you feel as if you’re behind on knowledge regarding these innovative cars? This article is perfect for you. We will explain you the basics. For elaborate information on all developments in the industry, you could have a look at EV Markets Reports.

How do electric cars work?

Well, the main difference between electric vehicles and traditional vehicles is: no fuel!. Electric cars drive based on the stored electricity in their rechargeable batteries which power the electric motor. You can charge the batteries of the car by plugging it into a public or private charging stations. The range of the car depends on the vehicle and its motor type. Each model has a different range and battery size. Also, the efficiency of the battery is constantly being improved!

Types of electric vehicles

As mentioned before, there are differences between various electric cars. We will highlight three main EV types. The first one is a plug-in electric, this type of car is completely electric and no fuel is used. So, no emissions like diesel or petrol cars! Which is a very good feature. Then, there is the plug-in hybrid car. These cars function mostly on electricity, but also have a fuel engine for when the batteries run out. The batteries are charged similarly to plug-in electric. Would this be the best of both worlds? The third type of EV is the hybrid-electric car. In contrast to the previous types, this car still runs mostly on petrol or diesel. However, they have an electric battery as well which is recharged through regenerative braking! For these cars, no charging stations are needed, but the possibility for electric driving is still available.

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