Online Surf School Booking System

A surfing school booking system is a system that allows potential clients to book surfing lessons online. It also enables you as the surf trainer to manage and accept bookings, payments and also advertise your business online.

How the Booking System Works

The surf school booking system requires a new user to sign up using personal information such as email addresses, name, area of residence and payment plans such as credit/debit cards. Once signed in, the user can access the website/system and make enquiries and bookings. The client can then make the payments once their booking is accepted.

Benefits of Surf School Booking System

1. 24/7 online availability

Having a surf school booking system allows new clients to request bookings at any time from the website. They can also book surfing classes from anywhere in the world and it is a secure booking system.

2. Private scheduling

If you offer private surfing lessons to your students, an online surf school booking system allows you to manage and set up slots for classes. The booking system helps the surf trainer to manage both group and private lessons without double booking.

3. Payment management

As the surf trainer, the booking system enables you to process payments and send confirmation receipts to your clients. The system sends automated emails to you and the client to confirm payments. It also makes it easier for the customer to request a cancellation or refund.

4. Fast bookings

The surf school booking system makes it easier for clients to book lessons in just a few clicks on their mobile phone or computer. The trainer/ business owner can accept bookings and respond to requests immediately.

5. The booking system helps to save time

A surf school booking system saves the client and the staff time by reducing paperwork and making calls for bookings. By setting time for each lesson, it ensures every client get efficient training during their designated time.

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