Rockwell Hardness Testing Review

Rockwell hardness testing

Rockwell hardness testing is used to measure the overall hardness of polymer and metallic materials. It is known as the indentation resistance and measures the indentation’s permanent depth. In other words, when an indenter and a fixed force are used, and a small indentation is determined, it means that the material is hard. The value of indentation is achieved once the indentation area is measured in depth. According to ASTM E-18, this testing method is the most common hardness test method used. If you plan on leveraging the Rockwell test method, be sure first to get familiar with the set standards. With the right techniques, you will realise that this is the easiest hardness test method you will encounter and is the most accurate. Unless the surface of the structure is believed to introduce many variations, this test method can be used on any type of metal.

Rockwell hardness testing

How the Rockwell Test Works

The test begins after the indenter is pressed on the sample surface with a minor load. A major load introduction then follows. On the indenter, the force is decreased and the number calculated. Factors that come into play in the Rockwell hardness testing calculation is the indenter position variation before and after the introduction of the major load. The indenter is often made from diamond or steel ball. Understand that metal samples are different and therefore require different approaches. There are at least 30 Rockwell test scales, and they are all different. Each of them uses a different set of indenters and test forces. The right one is determined by the shape and the size of the test sample and the scale’s limitations.


3 Ways to Make Dartboard Last Longer

Dartboards contain sisal fibre in them. It means that you should not get your dartboard exposed to the sun and rain, as it may damage the board. A high-quality dartboard is designed to withstand uncountable dart matches and will last for a long time. However, to avoid premature wear or reduced lifespan, you should take care of it properly. Here are the ways for basic care and maintenance of dartboards

Avoid Liquid for Cleaning

The natural bristle fibre in the dartboard is not supposed to get wet and you should keep the board dry. So, cleaning with water or any other liquid solution is avoidable for the bristle dartboards. Besides, when it comes to hanging the dartboard, you must avoid any damp area or humid spot. If you play dart outside, you should take the responsibility to safeguard it from the rain. 

Rotate the Board

Rotating or turning the board on a regular basis is also important when it comes to maintaining dartboard. It helps increase the usefulness of the dartboard and avoid quick wear and tear. If you have a bristle board, it includes a removable metal scoring ring. You can rotate the board by removing the ring and turn the board clockwise. Apart from saving the board from wear and tear, regular rotation keeps the bristles in proper shape and conserves the appearance of the board. 

Use Right Darts

The steel tip darts are designed to provide precision with a good grip and a lower rate of bounce outs. However, some of these may cause damage to the bristle fibres. Although you can hit the target with accuracy, using hooked darts, it may cause tears on the bristle fibre while removing from the board. If you use steel tip darts, you should avoid using darts with blunt tips. The reason is the holes disappear by the natural healing process of fibre and blunt tips can weaken the natural process. 

Moreover, you can use a dartboard cabinet to keep the board in good condition for a long time. However, you should avoid a heavy cabinet fixture.

Sélection de fléchettes à pointe souple pour votre jeu de fléchettes électronique

jeu de flechette electronique

Si vous avez pris l’habitude de jouer régulièrement aux fléchettes, vous ne pouvez pas vous contenter de jouer uniquement au club. De toute évidence, vous avez besoin de vos propres fléchettes et jeu de fléchettes à la maison. Vous pouvez soit opter pour un jeu de fléchettes traditionnel qui est utilisé depuis des années ou un jeu de fléchettes électronique qui est l’invention de la technologie moderne. Pour les fléchettes en bois traditionnelles, vous avez besoin de fléchettes à pointe en acier, mais si vous optez pour la fléchette électronique, les fléchettes à pointe souple sont votre seule option.

Il est important de bien choisir vos fléchettes car les fléchettes défectueuses ne sont pas bonnes pour la pratique et peuvent ruiner votre jeu. Vous devez considérer ces points pour acheter les fléchettes à pointe souple de la meilleure qualité:

Pointe Acier

Matériel: Le matériau de la fléchette est très important pour l’équilibre et la résistance aux chocs. Si vous voulez la durabilité, les fléchettes à pointe souple en tungstène peuvent être un excellent choix. Vous pouvez également opter pour des fléchettes en titane; leur apparence peut ne pas être attrayante mais ils offrent une résistance aux chocs. Une autre option appropriée est les fléchettes en laiton.

Poids: Les fléchettes peuvent être de poids différents. Vous devez choisir votre fléchette en fonction de votre niveau d’expérience. Si vous êtes débutant, alors il vaut mieux opter pour quatorze à seize grammes. Les joueurs intermédiaires peuvent bien jouer avec seize grammes. Les joueurs avancés peuvent cependant choisir entre dix-huit et vingt grammes.


Vol: Le vol d’une fléchette détermine sa capacité de vol, ainsi que sa stabilité. Si vous voulez que votre fléchette se déplace rapidement après l’avoir lancée, le vol doit être choisi avec prudence. Il existe différentes formes de vol comme une larme, un cerf-volant et un slim. La forme mince est excellente car elle résiste bien aux interférences externes pendant le vol. Ainsi, il a plus de chances d’atterrir sur la cible si vous lancez correctement la fléchette. 

Cependant, gardez à l’esprit que n’importe quelle partie de votre fléchette peut à tout moment nécessiter un remplacement. Assurez-vous donc toujours de disposer de nombreuses pièces de rechange.

What are ACL Bearings?

When it comes to racing, not only is the car important but the parts that make it run. There are many components within the car that will make or break a race. One of these key parts is ACL Bearings. But what are ACL Bearings? Simply put, they will significantly reduce friction that is caused by the parts surrounding the crankshaft. This will make sure this area will be at top working quality from less erosion. ACL Bearings are also important when driving under higher RPMs with better sustainability. These are available from All4Honda, a specialist in tuning, styling and maintaining cars. But are they important for a race car?

Why are they important?

Having reliable and high-quality parts for any racing car is vital. With ACL Bearings, every race car will be able to perform better in different aspects. Better performance speeds will be achievable without wear and tear from parts around the crankshaft. Speed retention also becomes easier. As mentioned above, ACL Bearings help the sustainability of driving at higher RPMs, but they also help the dependability while driving with turbo boosts. This is especially helpful while racing! Furthermore, the way the ACL Bearings are designed, more oil flow is possible through the oil pumps. This, in turn, will help the car to run longer.

All of these points are important, and that is why ACL Bearings are key when it comes to racing. For a more durable and dependable infrastructure that creates less erosion, this is a must for any car enthusiast!

Selecting the right ACL Bearings for you

When it comes to selecting the right ACL Bearings for you, it’s always recommended that you check the requirements with your auto. When it comes to the best quality Bearings, the Race Series is top of the line. Compared to leading brands, the load-bearing capacity of the ACL Race Series Bearing is increased by 15%, allowing for a smoother drive. The bearings from this collection are also produced with 4 sustainable layers of metal to ensure protection and stability. This includes a Copper layer for less fatigue performance; a Nickel barrier for support; a high strength layer made from copper and steel, and a backing plate made from steel.

Where to find ACL Bearings

To find where to purchase ACL Bearings, take a look at the All4Honda ACL collection. Here you will find a selection of bearings that will increase the stability of your car from leading brands.  You will also be able to find out more information about what ACL Bearings do and what autos they are suitable for. You will surely find what you need at All4Honda!

Why choose ClimAir?

ClimAir Wind Deflectors allow you to drive without the worry of rain and wind coming inside. Not only this, but ClimAir is always 100% tested to ensure top quality and protection for your car. This is proven by the TUV certification, meaning every product has passed the Products Safety Act. Due to the light smoke grey colour of the deflectors, not only is rain and wind reduced, but side glare is also reduced, helping you see clearly. ClimAir is also suitable for electric windows as well as anti-trap windows, although special installation is required for this! ClimAir Wind Deflectors are available from All4Honda, the #1 specialist in tuning, styling and replacing car parts.

Better for the environment

If being environmentally friendly is one key aspect of driving you’re looking for, then ClimAir Wind Deflectors can help! While driving, there is nothing more freeing than rolling down the windows and letting the cool air in. However, when it starts to rain… that is not so freeing. Rain will enter your car and leave you soaked! But what if it’s really hot and also raining? Naturally, air conditioning is a lifesaver for you, but not so much for the environment. With ClimAir Wind Deflectors though, this issue can be easily solved!

Once your deflectors are installed, driving in the rain is a breeze. You will be able to roll down your window just enough to let the cool air in but with no rain! This means that air conditioning will no longer be required to keep you cool, thus leaving the environment smiling! If there are more ways to help save the planet, then ClimAir is one step in the right direction! 

Where to find ClimAir

To find the full range that ClimAir has on offer, take a look at the All4Honda ClimAir collection. Here you will find a selection of wind deflectors for both front and back windows, as well as a Sunroof Visor which helps protector against insects and rain. 

The Top Grinder: an innovative XL grinder machine

Did you know that Q-fin developed the Top Grinder? This is an innovative XL grinder machine that is developed by a team of industry experts. The Top Grinder removes all the imperfections from your materials, even the invisible imperfections. With this machine its even possible to apply a specific structure onto your material.

The best solution for your production process

The Top Grinder is the best solution if you are looking for a machine that can grind and deburr your metal. Our machine can be used for many processes during the production, like deburring, grinding, edge rounding and polishing. The Top Grinder is a mobile grinder machine that grinds and deburrs all kinds of metal, even the hardest ones. We offer two variants of the Top Grinder: one with a vacuum support and one with a magnet support.

Want to receive more information about the Top Grinder?

Do you want to receive more information about our Top Grinder? Than just take a look at our website. Here you can find more information about our products. Or contact us. You can contact us by phone or by e-mail. Our experts will be pleased to inform you about our innovative grinding machine.