Used City Buses for Sale

used city buses

Used city buses are unique as they prioritise space, capacity and have at least 2 doors. Different brands have these buses, among them Mercedes Benz, Man, VDL and Scania. Customers have different preferences when looking for buses. The list below shows the bus brands, models and specific properties.

used city buses

Buses on Sale


Volvo 8700 B7RLE
Automatic transmission
Euro 5 emission class
Diesel engine
94 passenger

Volvo 8900 H
Automatic transmission
Diesel engine
Manufactured in 2013
Voith Gearbox
51 passengers

Volvo Mobile Covid-19 Test Lab
Manufactured in 2012
D5F215 diesel engine
Automatic transmission engine
82 passengers.

Volvo 7905 LH
Euro 6 emission class
Diesel engine with a 240HP
Manufactured in 2014
82 passengers


Euro 3 emission class.
Diesel-powered, automatic transmission engine.
112 passengers.
Made in 2005

Euro 4 emission class
Made in 2009
78 passengers
Automatic transmission
169 HP


Iveco Irisbus Citelis
2007 model
Diesel-powered, automatic engine
97 passengers
Euro 5 emission class.

Iveco Irisbus GX 127
Euro 5 emission class
Diesel engine with an automatic transmission
65 passengers in total
2007 model.


Man Lion city A21 CNG
2006 model
Automatic transmission diesel-powered engine.
42 passengers in total.
EEV emission class

These used city buses come in 2 more variants; the 2011/12 Meter and the 2005/AIRCO.

Man Lion City A78
EEV emission class
Diesel-powered, automatic transmission engine.
Made in 2007
94 passengers in total

Van Hool

Van Hool A330 – 2007 Model
Euro emission 4 class
Diesel engine
Automatic transmission
89 passengers.

Van Hool A330 – 2010 Model
Diesel hybrid engine
86 passengers in total
Euro emission 5 class


VDL Ambassador 200
Manufactured in 2010
Carries 83 passengers in total
Euro 5 emission class

VDL Citea LLE-120/225
Euro 5 emission class
84 passengers in total

VDL Ambassador SB200
Euro 3 emission class
Cummins Diesel engine
2005 model

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