Why do companies not achieve their diversity and inclusion goals?

Inclusion and diversity

When a company posts a job offer, it is a goal to attract diverse candidates. There are a couple of reasons why some companies don’t attract diverse candidates. One of the reasons is biased job descriptions. That could be age or gender discrimination. Besides that, a lot of companies use language which is too complex. If you do this, you can scare away some candidates, even if they would be perfect for the role. The last reason is mismatching. Some companies don’t include a corporate image, so the candidate might think the company is not matching with his/her desires. Find out how you can improve diversity and inclusion in your company.

How to improve diversity and inclusion?

Most of the times companies already focus on avoiding gender bias in their job offers. So that’s already a start of attracting diverse candidates. But just avoiding gender bias is not enough to attract diverse candidates. How do you include other/more people? For instance, people with:

  • lower reading proficiency,
  • different age groups,
  • different nationalities,
  • different cultures,
  • disabilities, such as colorblindness.

How to approach diversity and inclusion?

But how do you approach diversity and inclusion? It will need a corporate-wide approach and a culture change. You wil need to execute the principles in all the steps of the hiring process. It’s not just the hiring process where you need to implement the principles, also in internal communication, corporate communication and reward systems. When you really start to attract diverse people in you company, the real change will only start.

Reach a group as large and diverse as possible

In order to attract diverse candidates, your target group should of course not be too limited. You want a lot of suitable people to respond on you job offer? Then you should reach a group as diverse and large as possible. While targeting a lot of people, you want your job post texts to be in accordance with the branding of you company. In that way you will always send the right message.

If you could use some help with improving diversity and inclusion at your company you could have a look at textmetrics.com . This is a platform that will help you to write the best content for your company!

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